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Chefs Cuisine at the North of Portugal

Associação de Turismo do Porto e Norte, AR CC BY-NC-ND - Associação de Turismo do Porto e Norte, AR

The stars of the Michelin Guide shine and guide visitors and tourists from all over the world to reach the best restaurants. First published in the early twentieth (20th) century, this famous guide presents a version for the Iberian Peninsula, the so called “Red Guide”, in which Portugal has been included since 1910. Currently (2016) our country can count on 26 stars delivered to 21 restaurants.

This year, the North region was contemplated with 9 new stars, counting on six restaurants and three hotels distinguished by their quality far superior to the world average. The stars are assigned according to the evaluation of 12 secret inspectors. In their visits they analyze various criteria such as the quality of the products served, the cooking point, the flavors, the creativity, the cuisine regularity and the quality/price ratio, offering its customers unique dining experiences.

North Tastes

It is the flavour of tradition coupled with modernity that leads many people to stop for a star or to make a detour, for two stars. The Cuisine that receives one or two Michelin stars must be, at least, of great exquisiteness or exceptional, respectively. And the chef is usually an experienced, original and with a singular palate.

A star was born recently at Antiqvvm (Porto) and in the Casa de Chá da Boa Nova (Leça da Palmeira); Two stars can now be found at The Yeatman (Vila Nova de Gaia). Of the awards dating back to 2010 and 2015, remain, respectively, the stars in Largo do Paço (Amarante) and in the restaurant Pedro Lemos (Porto).

Every passing year, the Chefs are surprised by the distinction, even though they've worked for it for years and do not want to lose it anymore, so they surround themselves with the best teams, the best food and overreach for the perfection in every dish served.

Book the best dishes, from the best Chefs Vitor Matos is the Chef of the Antiqvvm, located next to the Museu Romântico in Porto, which allows a breathtaking view of the Douro from its garden-terrace. The international details of the cuisine of Mediterranean influence make the dishes creative and multisensory. Try the viera and champagne ravioli, oyster, ginger and cowliflower sauces; or a meat dish with fermented garlic and stewed meat with carrots and endives, accompanied by roasted peppers, truffle ash and thyme. Book it.

Climb up from the garage to the panoramic terrace of The Yeatman. Sit at the table outside or in the indoors room and you will recognize that the selection of Chef Ricardo Costa deserves the two awarded stars. Impressive and original, this cuisine is balanced and gives priority to the seasonal products. Located in Vila Nova de Gaia, it has a privileged view of Porto and leads you to savor quietly every delicatessen that comes accompanied by the best local Wines. What about the menu of the four dishes recommended by the Chef? Book it.

With this particular name, Casa de Chá da Boa Nova, could only be a special space, furthermore managed by Chef Rui Paula. The menu appeals to the five senses, the location on the cliffs, two meters from the beach, offer a perfect architectural setting that made it a National Monument. Born to win. The freshness of the fish and seafood, the Port wine list, the view and the terrace accompany each dish with wisdom. Go to Leça da Palmeira, in Matosinhos. Book it.

Without “take off flavors”, Chef Pedro Lemos kept his star in the restaurant with the same name, located at Foz Velha do Porto. He carries out his dishes with what he produces in the fresh and colorful vegetable garden of his porch, filled with white, purple, orange and green vegetables, all the colors that inspire him to create. In addition to being delicious, it is an eco-friendly restaurant with a terrace and tasting menus that make you stay longer. Book it. 

Largo do Paço maintains its Michelin star in Amarante, by the artistic hands of Chief André Silva. Located in a hotel atmosphere of classical architecture, it distinguishes itself for serving seasonal products, adapting its dishes seasonally. The tasting menus reflect the originality and consistency of the Chef, every day of the year. Book it.

The night is in Vila Real, Gaia and Porto

During your visit, book two tables a day at distinguished restaurants; sleep over in a hotel of the Michelin Red Guide. In the North of Portugal, three hotels stand out since 2016, with one of them being given the Michelin Guide's maximum rating for hotels: Five Red Pavilions. It is the Vidago Palace, spotted in Vila Real. To Pousada do Porto - Palácio do Freixo, as well as The Yeatman, remain assigned the Four Red Pavilions distinctions. Be where you are best treated and we will do everything to make you feel good in Porto and North. Whenever you want to personalize your visit, please contact us.