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Open House Porto 2015

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Porto will host the Open House, a global initiative that aims to promote architecture and constructed heritage. At the weekend of 4 and 5 July 2015, come experience the qualities of architectural and urban heritage of excellence in the Porto Metropolitan Area.

After three successful editions in Lisbon, the Open House comes to Invicta this year and will also cover the municipalities of Matosinhos and Gaia. The event seeks to show to a wider public a diverse range of buildings as well as public and private infrastructures which for their architectural value and specific or privileged location, deserve all the attention. On these architectural objects, the Open House provides a unique visiting approach by revealing daily inaccessible spaces to the public while providing, at the same time, the construction of new narratives.

Based on the value associated with the contemporary architecture that is produced in Porto, the Open House also favors a framework of historical buildings in the city looking for lessons of change and adaptability from the past to the requirements of the present. Several types can be visited, such as towers, lighthouses, tunnels, museums, schools, offices, slaughterhouses, mortuaries or private homes. A vast journey to rediscover, guided by the managers or the authors of the buildings, whenever possible.

Completely free, the Open House Porto invites the public to create an itinerary through the city based on their interests while still offering visits commented by experts and / or project authors.

Come see a different perspective of the city of Porto, where you will find an architectural heritage waiting to be discovered. Contact us for more information and to help you prepare your visit to the city, focusing mainly on its architecture.